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My ex wife thought the same thing, she wanted me to cut down all the trees that could potentially fall on the dome. Then I showed her how many trees I would have to cut down and explained to her the trees are why we built up on the ridge. If we wanted a no tree zone, we would have built the dome in a Walmart parking lot. I’m sure it’s a question of WHEN, not WILL, a tree hit the dome. I’m curious as to what will happen. The dome structure is built from 2x6 spruce, not standard 2x4 pine, and clad with 3/4 plywood, not standard 1/2 inch. And if hit hard enough, the entire dome structure will flex a bit at each triangle and “give a bit”. I’ve heard of a tornado in AL that threw a car into a dome structure, and it just bounced off, but I don’t know it it was true...I guess I’ll find out soon enough.
You don't need large heavy trees to have trees. You can have trees that don't have heavy limbs. 4