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  4. Why Radio Amateurs are called "HAMS"
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  24. The American Preparedness Radio Net. . .Prepper Radio!
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  28. TA-312 field phones
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  30. Passed my general ticket today
  31. Does anyone use the Kenwood TH-K20A
  32. Gear Review: Midland AVPH3 VOX Headset
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  34. Language skills.
  35. Ham License Study book Pass around
  36. Apps and tips for group comms
  37. New/Old Idea for Commo Short/Mid Range That Wont Break The Bank!
  38. Huntsville Hamfest Aug 17 & 18, 2013
  39. This isn't just Comms it's a Military Intell page
  40. Another well stocked Surplus outfit with serious goodies
  41. German Field Phones Good price
  42. Highly recommended site for comms gear!
  43. More about field phones
  44. New HF radio on the market
  45. Setting up "The Net"
  46. What I did with one of my Farady boxes, you might like this......
  47. The US Gov. Farady Box to keep handy
  48. I just made the LONGEST Contact ever!
  49. Big thanks to River Rat
  50. Get a Ticket or Not? A Basic lesson on Comm
  51. Excellent Study Guides for HAM (Amateur) Radio
  52. Get your ears open, we have another date coming (my tin foil hat's on)
  53. Heard an interesting conversation on the HF band this morning
  54. BWRR ows me a speaker!
  55. mobile units. which to go with?
  56. 40 phone was good to me tonight!
  57. Kenwood TM-431A... some assistance, please?
  58. The Big, Bad, Holy, Mighty Icom 706 Mk II G
  59. Stuck in a bowl
  60. Next ARRL national or regional Field Day(s) are...
  61. OK, I have totally lost it........
  62. 11 meter CB to 10 meter HAM
  63. Commentary on this power supply?
  64. Peltor Powercom Plus comm system. Has anyone used them before?
  65. Looking for a HAM site...
  66. Yaesu FT-60R HT
  67. Finally pulled the trigger, now what antenna?
  68. Resolve Burglaries
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  75. how to set a handheld radio to a specific frequency of 420 mhz
  76. HF antenna came down in the High Wnds of recent.
  77. friend of mine just passed his Technician license test.
  78. ARRL Field Day 22-23June 2019 and experiences of other FDs past.
  79. MagCOMM.
  80. New old radio
  81. Baofeng UV-5R
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