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Thread: Your Emergency Loadout

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    Great post SHTFCO! NIce loadout.
    WARNING: This post may contain material offensive to those who lack wit, humor, common sense and/or supporting factual or anecdotal evidence. All statements and assertions contained herein may be subject to but not limited to: irony, metaphor, allusion and dripping sarcasm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mitunnelrat View Post
    Pirates carried valid ID and credit cards!? I can see how one would help keep their booty safe, but I'd have never thought...

    More to the point, I'd have never thought to use a card like that to seal a chest wound. Thanks 'rat!
    You use what's available, use what's on "their" person, situation dictates my brother. I always carried my Iraqi Express card, never left the boat without it. It's like an "E" ticket ride at Disney World.
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    Good point. I was with bp in thinking something more flexible though. Lessons learnes, and this is a prime example. I was obviously stuck in "the box"
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    Im glad BWRR brought that up! I had totally forgotten about that! It was in the basic FA class from the USMC that they taught us this! I guess I am still thinking about the hyfinn chest seals and geardo stuff Ive got and forgot about the KISS basics! Thanks!
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    Gear update

    I've split my gear thoughts into close to home/far from home setups and then further into "stand and fight" vs "get home" thoughts.

    Close to home (150 miles) I will go light and fast. Far from home, thats where the big pack/ammo/food needs come into play.

    Stand and fight is where Plate Carriers, camo, NOD's, etc for home/community defense and patrolling come into play. Getting home is where its all about avoiding fights and moving home. I'm less likely to have body armor, more likely to be carrying more food/water (I live in the desert so water is key).

    Food prep wise I went from using a Jetboil unless close to home due to its use of canister's that are good for about 2-3 days of 1 person use. The new plan is to use a BioLite stove due to it being fire based so as long as I have something to burn, it will work. I carry a GSI pot set to cook on it, or around a normal fire. This will also provide more food options than what was possible with the Jetboil. I can cook for more than just me if its family/group survival time as well.

    Food supplies: Close to home I use Mountain House and keep enough for 3 or so days worth of movement. In addition to that is rotation of POGEY bait, peanut butter, etc. If going to be longer distance from home than the 150 miles, I keep a bit more food in the vehicle and usually a extra 2 days worth or so of food gets added to the pack.

    Water: 3 liters worth of Nalgene/Liberty Bottle in the back regardless of distance. In addition if further a 2 liter MSR Dromedary is kept empty in the pack. A pack of 16oz plastic bottles is kept in the vehicle to pre hydrate and fill it with as well as provide to family/friends who aren't as ready. Water is hard to find, but if located a filter or purification tool is on hand.

    Clothing. Layers in earth tones. Sometimes a layer is in Multicam or ATACs as either work here. Minimal is ideal as its weight that you have to move.

    Close: 6 M4 mags max, 5 or so Glock mags minimum.
    Far: 6-10 M4 mags, 10 or so Glock mags. Then a few hundred "loose" rounds in boxes in the sustainment gear that if space allows gets added to the packs if vehicles go down.

    LBE: in addition to EDC
    Close - usually a Blue Force Gear 6 pack, EGL Chest Rig or similar.
    Far- Same options but a plate carrier might get added just in case getting home is not plausible for a while.

    NON MOLLE style pack - usually a REI style (REI, Osprey, The North Face, etc).

    I want to get a new First Spear pack for close to home community defense/patrolling called the Special Missions Pack.

    I do look at my LBE setup and its relation to carrying under a loaded pack. This blog post I did covered and shows how that works:

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