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Thread: How to build a boat

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    Quote Originally Posted by RedJohn View Post
    I am glad this make you all think about it.

    It is enough of a boat to go fish, or transport some stuff accross a big lake.
    Give a man a fish........teach a man to fish...........plant a seed and watch it grow. Is it not the concept of the site? But what of the rum? Good picture RedJohn, made a nice flow, shall we continue?
    Be safe.............the night is your friend.

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    Yes, its short. No, its not his attention span.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LUNCHBOX View Post
    ^^^^Or use your shirt as a sail.
    That is pure win

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    looking at their tools while posting pictures of mine.
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    about 20 minutes outside Lynchburg, TN...but which way...
    I guess in an emergency situation, even sticking a few empty bottles under your shirt might help you float if you were injured and couldn't swim.

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    I think Im going to recruit BWRR and Izzy for my boat...

    Modern Day Pirates!

    Its fine to have one,
    Its fine to be proud of it,
    But please dont whip it out in public and start waving it around,
    And PLEASE dont try to force it down my children's throats.

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    Do you have a robot?
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    So if I march the animals two by two they go in the back???? Necessity is the mother of invention, or someone having too much time on their hands. I think this would make a great science project for the kids.

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    That too, and it would get a pile of garbage cleaned up. Might need more than packing tape to hold a transom in place for an outboard though...
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    My old neighbor wanted to build a trawl boat, but had never done it. A old guy told him lay out the keel, and people would stop and give him advice. Sure enough all the old boat builders in south Louisiana would stop and tell him what to do next. He ended up building a 50 foot boat.
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    Back when I was in high school, a friend and I got dropped off on the far said of a large lake, our intent was to build a bamboo raft and paddle across. We built the raft based on our understanding of Gilligans Island raft techiques. There was a bamboo stand by the lake shore through an orange grove. we lashed the bamboo with cord we brought, and then put it in the water. It barely held itself up, and in no way would have held us. We built a frame of bamboo under the raft, like a fence around the edges, and then found a trash pile full of old plastic jugs, and stuffed them into the corral we had made under the raft. It actually worked and we very SLOWLY paddled across the lake. Half way across a nest of carpenter ants came pourring out of one of the bamboo logs, so into the water I dove. we got them off by splashing them, then continued our trip. Never made it to the boat ramp, instead pulled up on shore a half mile away from it. the raft was just too hard to paddle and move with all the drag under it, but at least it did work well enough to get us back to our side of the lake. Many lessons learned that day.

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