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Thread: Check this Board out on Pinterest!

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    Check this Board out on Pinterest!

    I thought you'd like this Board on Pinterest...

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    He's old and grumpy, but not fat. He'll be right back...he has to go tell some kids to get off his lawn

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    Looks real interesting, will have to dig a little deeper to see how good the content really is
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    looking at their tools while posting pictures of mine.
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    Well Jon, you finally succeeded in what my wife couldn't do in 2 years. I signed up to Pinterest. I thought it was all about couches, pillows, and FUN crafty ideas for the home. I see this is only your second post in a couple years. Please don't wait so long next time, as it seems like you may have a ton of great ideas. Keep those posts coming.

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    For the Love of Cats

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    Great post!
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