"More of Charlottesville and of finding Americans guilty of something for political power "

Once again we have a manufactured event to take advantage of Americans to extend the political power and find Americans guilty of some moral lapse or trespass....and thus grant political power to manage the affairs of Americans. This meaning to curb the liberties and freedoms of Americans....in favor or government.

The after effects of this Florida School shooting are taking on the feel and tenor of what happened in Ferguson, Missouri and also in the Charleston Church Shooting...and in like manner...attempts are being made to find All of America guilty of something in which they were not involved and to remove their property or freedoms.

With Ferguson, Missouri....attempts were made politically and socially to make all of America guilty of Racism in what happened with the Michael Brown business.

Again this happened with "The Usual Suspects" in the Charleston, South Carolina church shooting. Again All of America was put on trial for racism.

This is the same pattern behind the Travon Martin business down in Florida...again all of America was put on trial for racism.

The common denominator in political maneuvering and deception...obfuscation ...is that someone or some group is trying to put all of America on trial...as if somehow they are guilty of these three events. That somehow all of America is connected to what happened and thus responsible/guilty in the court of manufactured public opinion.

This is exactly what it attempting to be done with this Florida School Shooting.....all of America is being put on trail as if they pulled the trigger here and the attempt will be to limit their freedoms..and ability to own property.

This pattern is used/misused very often by the left .....and the whole time it is happening the So called....conservative Republicans are totally silent on what is going on. Again ...this tells me that the Republican Party is in on the scam.

The Technique is to find America and Americans themselves guilty of what happened at that school....and thus limit their freedoms and ability to own private property....even to force them to give up and or surrender their private property....for someone else's security.

Someone out here is willing to hold All of America hostage and in bondage..to surrender their private property for someone else's security.

For those who know history...in the end you will have neither private property nor security.

Americans are being tried in the press....by emotions.....by fears and insecurities and yet America had nothing to do with what happened down in Florida.

Be warned.....you are going to see this pattern happen over and over and over....for it is the very best these people can do in attempts to "Herd" Americans away from their Freedoms and Liberties....even their property.

This will not end with this School incident..but will continue again and again and again.

This technique too...is demonic in it's origins because when it is complete...no one will be charged with a crime but their freedoms and liberties lost and ceded to a politician or administrator.

Trial by press has been going on in this country for many many years now and is the preferred method used by the left...trial by mob. Yet no charges have been brought to bear...only implied.

This too is demonic. It is Ishmaelite bondage.

It is supposed to be trial by jury of ones peers.

Be warned,


Not an Ishmaelite.