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I don't think this is the end of it...

I think down the road another attempt more carefully planned will take place.

But ....

Someone caught them flatfooted this time in someone's carefully planned and managed attempt at Chaos.

They will have to plan again more carefully.

Agree...I too don't think they planned on such resistance....from America and Americans. They are accustomed to so often defaulting through on emotions.

The problem with this kind of thing....as is evidenced in Europe...is that the people in the host country are expected...ie..taken for granted ...that they will pay for all this and have these newly arrived people live better than they and be put on the public breast..complete with medical care...better than most Americans can afford.

In short Americans are expected and taken for granted by our fake and phony leadership that we will willingly take second, third, and fourth place in our own country while taking first place risk in our labors to support all these newly arrived people.

To me this is evidence of how far out of touch our leadership is with our people....the leadership in Europe too...with their people.

Or as I keep trying to say...a non representative government. They represent someone or something..just not the American people.

My non Ishmaelite .02,

THE leadership (Certainly not OUR leadership) wants all those easy to buy votes so they can get the whole of both Houses, and not just in a piddling statistical majority... they want ALL.

The aliens they get in here to manage this will be lumped n with the rest of us as slaves when the leadership have power firmly consolidated.

I've stated before, BHO was our last socialist president. The next socialist "president" will be our first dictator....and he or she will waste no time wasting the useful idiots whose cheap ballots got him/her in. Along, of course, with anyone that dared oppose them.

1934 Germany, anyone?