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Thread: Dad's M-1 Garand

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    Dad's M-1 Garand

    My dad gave me this M-1 Garand a while back, and I have been trying to kill something with it since. Well today I made a 90 yard shot on this little doe. She is younger than I like to kill, but I wanted to get one with this gun while my dad is still around. His health is not great. Anyways this is the first deer I ever shot with open sights and she dropped immediately with the 150 grain Remington Core-lokts. Hit her exactly where I wanted but she was turned a little and I destroyed the other shoulder. Even though this is probably the youngest deer I have killed in many years, it is a special one for me.

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    small or not, that one has some special meaning for sure. Congrats

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    Saw your FB post... Awesome!
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    LadyHK bought me one of those for an X-mas present. Then I built "Frankenstein" made from parts of dead soldiers. Both are excellent shooters. I'm sure yours has a history, keep it safe and keep it in the family.
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