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Thread: Replaced the motor in my tiller....

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    Replaced the motor in my tiller....

    Managed to get the tiller motor changed out with an inexpensive Predator motor from Northern Tool for about 135 bucks.

    I expected a replacement to be much much more...but to my surprise not so.

    The Troy Built Horse tiller has a rear tine set up and a Kohler Motor.

    I will disassemble the Kohler motor in my leisure time...but at that inexpensive price considering getting a second Predator motor and also a second reverse Idler pulley and the belt too.

    This is a good tiller design and the replacement motor runs fine...

    Loaned this tiller out and it got locked up.....

    I won't be loaning it out again....lessons learned.

    Also got the timing belt...or rubber band as we sometimes call it my Olde Ranger truck.

    I had difficulty with it and it took three attempts to get it right..but glad to have it done...and not have to sent it to a shop.

    Also in this truck I changed out the steering gear box. That too was a frustrating job and difficult in those tight confines. Glad I learned a bit about rigging a load in this shipyard as that is how I got that heavy and bulky gearbox into increments...rigging and re rigging again and again until it was in place to get bolted up.

    The olde gearbox was leaking ….and this repair was long overdue.

    I want this truck working I particular because it has in it both the long and shortwave comms….in the form of HF/VHF/UHF radio and antennas. This ham radio will also work on the CB as well as the GMRS/FRS/MURS frequencies.

    Main thing for me is that I don't owe anyone on this truck.....or any of my vehicles for that matter....

    It is a great thing not to have vehicle payments.

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    That's hilarious. I just replaced the motor on my work horse tiller too this year. Got some cheap knockoff for about 100 that's same connection but more hp. I love it.

    FYI the depth stop on the tiller is for your safety, not the motors. I got dragged upright almost 30 feet.

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